Our powerful network and social media presence allows us to connect

with 1,000's of potential buyers and investors within minutes. 

It's said a home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay.

SellectAgent's take these 3 steps to create maximum exposure and interest with the goal of selling your home fast and for for the highest possible price, regardless of the selling season or market. 

Step #1


From decluttering, inspections, home improvements to moving and storage, we help you through every step of the home preparation process,

Step #2


Pricing a home properly is a skill and an art. Your home's listing price can make or break your sale.  Contact us to find out how the best real estate agent in your neighborhood creates a sales price.

Step #3


Staging, professional photography, dedicated property website, impressive print material and extreme exposure through [local, national and international] cutting-edge marketing is part of our proven strategy.



Neighbors' Preview and Mega Open House

We hand deliver 1,000 Neighbors' Preview Event and 1,000 Open House invitations to your immediate neighbors to market your property before it goes on the MLS.


We send an e-invite and property details in several languages to a network of top 25,000 agents worldwide.


Social Media Marketing

We create target audience ads through various social media platforms. Our average online property marketing reaches 10,000 potential buyers.

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